The Barnhart Family

This is the human contingent of our  crew
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Table of Contents

Home Page - With our illustrious family crest
Contents - That's where you are now!
Neil & Pat - The patriarch and matriarch of the "Wild Bunch"
Doug - The eldest son, and Web wizard
Beth & Jessie - The youngest daughter, and teacher par excellence
Trish & Brian - Patricia's daughter and her husband.
Chris & Mimi - Patricia's younger son and his family
Bill & Sandy - Patricia's elder son and family.
Pets - The non-human members of our families
Travels - Maybe not Star Trek, but we have fun!
Cruiser - Neil's dream yacht, enjoyed but gone now.
TopCat - The chalet on Wildcat Mountain (not the cabin doggone it!)
Family & Friends Photo Gallery - This is rather self explanatory.

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Neil & Patricia Doug Beth & Jesse
Trish & Brian Chris & Mimi Bill & Sandy

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